Creative Wire Basket with Handle

Published On January 9, 2019 | By penulis | WIRE

Wire basket with handle – Want to embark on a creation style very nature? Replace your ball of yarn with string! Difficult to imagine crocheting the string and yet it is used in the same way as wool for a fashion accessory or more rustic and nature deco. Twine of jute, linen or hemp: choose it according to the desired rendering. For a rigid basket, we will favor for example the string of jute while for a basket more flexible we use string linen or hemp.

Black Wire Basket

Black Wire Basket

We propose you to crochet string starting with this simple and fast trash tutorial. The hook baskets are so convenient that we adopt them in all parts of our workshop house. And to store our balls of wool  or lounge to store children’s toys . The baskets are also used as an empty-pocket, we can slide our home cosmetics and even our fruits market.

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If we already know how to knit a storage basket , we opt for crocheted baskets (which tend to be better). Follow all the explanations of our tutorial that will allow you to create baskets in original colors with violet, pink, yellow and orange dye. All you have to do is go there and you can slip them into every room of your house.

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